26 Mountain Passes in TUSCANY

7° Rainmen – Challenge – 26 Mountain Passes in TUSCANY

We have translated the the main rules of the new challenge for our friends out of Italy.

The challenge is being able to complete the crossing of the 26 mountain passes in a year.
The selected passages are those that actually bring from Tuscany to other regions. In some cases, depending on the border, do not enter directly into other regions.
Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria regions are landing or departure (the challenge is open to all riders in both directions). Lazio access roads are not using mountain passes or hills and then the region is not affected by the challenge.
Delivering an envelope with 52 receipts you will receive a rainmen challenge commemorative sticker.
The challenge lasts for a calendar year and the start date will be indicated by the first receipt.
The checkpoints, where the receipt takes validity, are places that will show your passage on the pass, of course, they must get the same date. The checkpoints are marked on the side of the mountain pass list.
Receipts can be obtained for any type of purchase, remember to check the date (in this challenge time does not matter).

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